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Varicocele Frequently Asked Questions from Our Patients

Varicocele FAQs

What are the advantages of varicocele embolization vs. varicocele surgery?
Should all varicoceles be repaired?
Will varicocele embolization improve my semen analysis?
Will the varicocele repair procedure reduce my pain?

What are the risks or complications of the procedure?
Are the procedures painful?
How long will I be in the hospital?
What are my restrictions after the procedure?
Is there a chance that the varicocele will recur after varicocele repair?
I had varicocele surgery but my varicocele has come back. Can varicocele embolization help me?
What does varicocele embolization cost?
Will my insurance pay for varicocele embolization?
If x-rays are used to guide varicocele embolization, is there a danger of radiation exposure?
During varicocele surgery, there is an incision made in or near the scrotum. Is there one made during varicocele embolization?

How Do Varicoceles Decrease Sperm Count?
Will Varicocele Embolization Improve My Sperm Count?

Varicocele Frequently Asked Questions

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