Varicose Veins Minimally Invasive Treatment Approved

Press Release/Announcement: Precision VIR announces the availability of Varithena® (polidocanol injectable foam) 1% to treat varicose veins Dallas, Texas, 11/20/2017: Dr. Danny Chan, Dr. Jaryd Stein and the associate vein specialists in Dallas, Texas at Precision Vascular and Interventional (Precision VIR) are pleased to announce the availability of Varithena® (polidocanol injectable foam). This is a … Continue reading Varicose Veins Minimally Invasive Treatment Approved

Ankle & Leg Swelling (Edema)

Signs of Edema include: ankle & leg swelling, changes in skin pigmentation, pain and discomfort particularly in the calf and/or ankle. Swelling and leg edema can be caused by an abnormal buildup of fluid in the soft tissues of the leg. Edema is multifactorial and can be caused by lymphatic dysfunction and/or a more progressive stage of venous reflux disease. Increased venous hypertension forces … Continue reading Ankle & Leg Swelling (Edema)

Leg Restlessness

Lower Extremity Venous Insufficiency Leg Restlessness. Patients with chronic lower extremity venous insufficiency may describe the feeling of the constant urge to move their legs, particularly at night.  This sensation may be caused by restless legs syndrome (RLS). One mechanism to explain this sensation may be that when the blood is not emptying out of … Continue reading Leg Restlessness

Venous Leg Ulcers

Personalized Medical Treatment for Venous Leg Ulcers: The most severe manifestation of venous disease is when inadequate blood flow from venous congestion causes weakening of the immune system, namely white blood cells. The weakened immune system and venous congestion combination can cause a local build up of toxins in the tissues of the legs, most … Continue reading Venous Leg Ulcers

Skin Discoloration & Hyperpigmentation

Personalized Medical Treatment for Skin Discoloration & Hyperpigmentation Skin discoloration happens when iron from the red blood cells gets deposited under the skin and “stains” the skin. This occurs when there is increased venous congestion causing a leaking of red blood cells into the tissues, especially the lower legs. The venous congestion can be from underlying varicose veins. When … Continue reading Skin Discoloration & Hyperpigmentation