Vascular Disorders

It is estimated that over 20 million Americans suffer from venous disease, and an even greater number of patients suffer silently going undiagnosed. Venous disease is a spectrum of findings that usually involves a condition where the vein walls and valves become weakened. The valves stretch and become damaged interrupting normal physiological blood flow. There is a backwards flow of blood (reflux) which increases pressure in the veins. This initiates a vicious cycle of progressive damage to the vein which can ultimately cause chronic venous reflux disease or venous insufficiency. Here are a few of the more common vascular disorders you may experience:

Precision VIR is the first independent Vascular and Interventional Radiology practice in North Texas, established in 2012. We focus on minimally invasive procedures and surgeries that are the safest and most efficient for our patients. We are the leaders in vascular disease diagnosis and treatment, interventional oncology, IVC filters, and women’s health, treatment of pelvic congestion syndrome and uterine fibroids.

With our breadth of experience, providers across specialties, and modern technology we are positioned perfectly to provide you with a smooth, individualized, and cutting edge approach to your wellness and your illness. Our goal is to make you whole again and that starts by meeting our caring physicians.

Precision VIR's expert doctors specialize in select minimally invasive treatments for complex vascular disease.

While our website has helpful content about vascular disorders and treatment options, we are always happy to answer any additional questions over the phone at 214-382-3200 or through an initial consultation at our Dallas clinic.