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Treating the Dallas and Fort Worth Areas


Precision Vascular is your premier center for vein and artery disease treatment. With multiple convenient locations, our expert doctors and medical staff members offer cutting-edge vein, artery, and vascular treatments to residents of Dallas, Fort Worth, Denison-Sherman, and the neighboring communities in Northeast Texas. We are proud to offer our patients information about and treatments for rashes covering the legs.

Venous Disease in South Texas Area

What is a Leg Rash?

A rash on your legs and feet may be a symptom that you don't typically associate with vein disease or a vein condition. However, when coupled with varicose veins, itching legs, and open sores and ulcers that won't heal on their own, a rash on the legs and feet is a major indicator that something may be wrong with your venous system. If you are experiencing more than two of these symptoms together, we encourage you to come in for diagnostic testing with one of our board-certified vein and artery specialists.

What Causes a Leg Rash?

While a mild rash may not be associated with venous disease and can often be linked to a sensitivity to soap or laundry detergent, rashes that are present with skin discoloration, itching, open sores and ulcers, and leg hair loss may be indicators that your veins are not circulating blood properly. Other factors that may be causing your skin rash to worsen include high blood pressure, obesity, and vascular disease. We encourage all of our patients to undergo diagnostic testing with our expert board-certified specialists to find the root cause of their leg rash so it and its underlying condition can be treated properly.

What Treatments for Leg Rashes are Available?

At Precision Vascular, we are happy to offer the following treatments for a leg rash:

The expert doctors and highly-skilled team members at Precision Vascular are proud to offer surgical and non-surgical treatments for vein and artery diseases. We are proud to offer treatment to patients in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denison-Sherman, and the neighboring communities in Northeast Texas. Contact us to schedule your private consultation with one of our medical professionals today.