Vascular Care and COVID-19: What You Should Know

Do you have some form of vascular disease or a concern about your vein health? How can you tell if you should book an appointment with a vascular specialist? If you’ve been staying at home to avoid exposure to COVID-19, it can be hard to decide what to do when you’re faced with a medical need.

At Precision Vascular with locations across San Antonio, Round Rock, Sugar Land, Webster, Arlington, Dallas, Carrollton, McKinney, and Mesquite, Texas, our team of vascular specialists has worked hard to ensure you have access to the vascular care you need and provides telehealth visits so you can get a consultation remotely to determine if your need for care is urgent.

Why many stores and offices are closed

When COVID-19 became a severe threat, many “non-essential” services were closed. Now reopenings are happening, but many people may still decide to reschedule or postpone treatment for “non-essential care.” Our offices also closed for a time as we determined how to offer care safely. Some care we offer could be deemed “non-emergent” or “cosmetic”, but many more services are crucial to vascular patients’ health.

Advantages of telehealth

When you aren’t sure if your problem is urgent or not, you can have a consultation with your doctor over a video call. He can help determine if your symptoms are severe or if they indicate a condition that poses a danger to your health or your life. If you need to come in for treatment, your follow-up appointments may also be handled via telehealth, reducing the number of times you have to leave your home during the pandemic.

Non-emergent care

Non-emergent care would constitute a condition that isn’t highly dangerous to your health, or likely to pose a risk to your health or your life if not treated immediately. These conditions could include unsightly spider veins, restless legs, dermatitis, or mild swelling and edema. Not all instances of these ailments are non-emergent, but your doctor may be able to consult with you during a telehealth visit and let you know if you should book an appointment at one of our offices. 

Urgent care

It’s possible that you could have an urgent vascular health need during the pandemic, If you suffer from severe leg pain, itching or burning in your legs, venous ulcers, or sudden discoloration in your legs, you should get a telehealth consultation as soon as possible. If you are diabetic and have wounds on your legs or feet, or at a high risk of blood clots in your legs, you should also be under a doctor’s care.

Have questions? Feel free to call your nearest office location or request a telehealth consultation online.

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