Living With Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is characterized by aching in your legs and an urge to move them. It gets worse in the middle of the night, waking you up and disrupting your sleep.

If you suffer from RLS and cannot get it under control, it may be time to see the expert team at Precision Vascular. Our team of vascular and interventional radiologists are experts in restless leg syndrome and provide a wide range of nonsurgical and minimally invasive treatments for our patients. We’ll determine whether an underlying venous condition is contributing to, or causing, your RLS and appropriate recommend treatment options.

Medications and supplements

Dealing with restless legs syndrome can be challenging. While there are medications available to help patients with RLS, including muscle relaxants, sleep aids, and narcotics, you’ll probably want to try other solutions first. For example, if RLS is affecting your quality of life, have your doctor test your iron levels—there’s a known association between low iron levels and RLS. Sometimes taking an iron supplement and eating iron-rich foods like lean meat, dark leafy greens, and fortified cereals are all you need to help ease your symptoms.

Home remedies for restless legs

Try these at-home treatments to help reduce your RLS symptoms:

Hopefully, a combination of these methods will work for you so you can get some quality sleep before the baby arrives.

What else can be done?

If you’ve exhausted these recommended treatment options and aren’t seeing improvement, you may have a vascular issue like chronic venous insufficiency—when blood from the legs has a hard time getting back to the heart because of a problem with the valves in the veins. In this case, our doctors can perform a radiofrequency ablation, sclerotherapy, or phlebectomy procedure.

If you’d like to learn more about how your veins could be contributing to RLS or to make an appointment at one of our Precision Vascular locations, use our online booking tool or call us today.

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