8 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Vein Doctor

8 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Vein Doctor

Talking to Your Doctor

You may not remember everything you want to ask your doctor. You may find it helpful to write down questions prior to your appointment. When you do get answers to your questions, write them down, too. That way, when you get home, you won’t forget and you will be better equipped to answer questions that your family may have. Keep track of how you are feeling and any changes you notice so you can inform your doctor. By staying organized, you are helping yourself remain in control.

Choosing Your Doctor

When picking your doctor, it is important to make sure you are asking the right questions. Here are eight questions you should ask before choosing a doctor:

1. What type of board certification/qualification does the doctor hold in regards to interpreting and performing ultrasound?
2. Does your doctor function in an environment with a full service ultrasound lab?
3. In what settings are the procedures performed and how comfortable is your doctor in each setting?
4. Is your doctor a true vascular and vein specialist?
5. What type of anesthesia is used and how am I made comfortable during procedures?
6. What technology does the doctor use to close the veins?
7. Is the office informed about all insurance policies regarding coverage of varicose vein and other related vein treatments?
8. After evaluation and treatment, is there a follow-up plan for me?